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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Frothy Cosmology (Spinoza has a Lebowski)

So I arise, late(for me) at 7, rebuild the fires…first real cold front, 34 degrees.
Coerced, by circumstance, to bring in the wood.
Read about Gilles Deleuze, while I wait,
Oh so Patiently. for the ambient to rise.
Hot, Hot bath, with incense, a joint
and that bubbling chaos machine that lies at the bottom of the tub.
and dish soap.
From the very Smallest(Strings(Planke Length),so far), to the very Largest Phenomena(Strings of Super Clusters of Clusters of Galaxies)
in the Observable Universe.

The same structure shows up, sort of,
again, and again.( Φ)
Add enough Energy to a System/Potential Field,
and it, counterintuitively, Chaoticises
Into Structure.
Is this the Hand of God?
Or the Accident of Conditions, before the “Birth” of our Universe?
Must we decide, right now?
I’m comfortable with Not Knowing, for sure.


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Anonymous said...

Joe from Ohio here.
I guess my whole adult life, I have been trying to figure out God.
I wonder if we go about it wrong. Instead of imagining a system run by a divine being, and then why the Being would make the choices,
I am thinking these days that every level of complexity has it's own intelligence built in from the combined life forces of the smaller systems it encompasses.
There is a "God" on every scale of the fractal, eh?