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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Dearest Theocrats,

 So the "Million Moms" appendage of the "American Family Association"....managed to get one of my Wife's shows Banned.
I couldn't care less about the show, itself ("Good Christian Bitches"(!?))....but I get pretty riled when Censorship happens.
 I left my alias, of course...I have no desire for an inbox full of the stuff they'd likely send...
I reckon I'm not too hard to find, though.
These things must not be countenanced.
You can holler at them, here:
I figger they could use a few pieces of mind.

Dearest Theocrats,
I am truly sorry that you seem to have so little in your life that you find fulfilling.
I would have thought that your purported love of Jesus would fill that hole.
Instead, your Hatred for America is on full display.
We in America enjoy the Protection of something called the First Amendment.
This re-affirms our Natural Right to, among other things, Freedom of Speech, and Freedom of Religion. Implied in the latter is also , necessarily, the Freedom FROM  Religion.
Too, the Foundation on which all First Amendment Protections are built is Freedom of Thought.
In America, I am Free to be Xian, or not…Muslim, or not….Wiccan, or not…or Agnostic, if I Choose.
The point of the whole exercise is My Choice.
Not Yours.
You, of course, are similarly Free to believe whatever nonsense you like….up until the point that your assertion of such Freedom negates or otherwise interferes with Mine.
I have never heard of anyone attempting to remove the Numerous God Channels from the cable line-up. Nowhere is there evidence of an effort, by anyone, to remove such programs as the 700 Club, or the odious Gaithers, from the Media.
I really dislike such programs…but, rather than attempting to BAN them, I simply CHANGE THE CHANNEL!!!
It’s quite simple….
America does NOT belong to you…but to US. That includes you, me and everyone else.
All of us.
I am sick of your attempts to rewrite OUR History, to better fit your Delusions.
I grow weary of you and your Ilk’s neverending Meddling.
America is NOT a Theocracy.
It is neither a “Christian Nation”.
Never has been….and Never will be!
You will, of course, remain Free to believe whatever you like. I won’t stop you….no True American would even consider such action.
But I will Fight, as will many more Americans, all attempts to Subvert Our Natural, Constitutional Rights.

Please return to your Closet,(Matt.6:6)

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