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Monday, July 16, 2012

Idiosyncrasy. Adventures in Geekdom.

Soon after my first son was born, I moved to the couch.
I couldn’t sleep, with his every gurgle and coo…he couldn’t sleep with my tossing and turning and weird hours.
I often wonder how much that couch contributed to my current predicament(Pain).
So , I ended up with my own bed, then my own room, as the Pain became more of the reason for all this consideration.
I always remembered that my Grandparents slept in different rooms for the same reason.
So , I had my own tv…and would be up, earlier or later than everyone else…
Sound was a problem.
I began using subtitles, to enable a lower volume.
It dawned on me one day, watching some Natgeo thing with my boy, that this could be a possible, if subtle, tool…to encourage reading.
I began putting subtitles on everything.
Both boys, and even the wife, do this as a matter of course, now. It’s Natural and Normal.
It may have had an effect(both are several grade levels above , in reading), but I have zero scientific Data. Alas.
I watch a lot of foreign films.
Especially since the birth of Netflix.
Subtitles are necessary.
It occurred to me, a few years ago, that I could turn the subtitle as tool thing on myself.
So, I’ll have French or german subtitles on American shows, where available.
The Simpsons(at least season 2) has Hungarian Subtitles.
The stuff I consider “Light Reading”, has always been somewhat…. Esoteric. References in Greek, or Latin….whole stanzas in Italian or French.
I have found that this Cosmopolitan Sprinkling has become markedly easier, more Natural…since I started doing this.
”When we’re all Half-breeds, there will be Peace”- Beya, in (

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