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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

(Further Evidence of Surreality)(Assertion=Fact)

I usually hear that, since it’s Alternet, we can pretty much ignore what they say…as they are a “Liberal Rag”,after all…. This is part of the False Equivalency, so prevalent, today.
It doesn’t excuse those on the Right from at least attempting to provide substantial Evidence, in support of their arguments.
These Links are just a smattering of actual science, and/or Analysis, that counter a few planks of the Conservative Earth.(That Parallel Version, right beside the Real One).
Isn’t the Military “Big Government”?
“Homeland Security”?
Domestic Surveillance?
Extrajudicial Killings and Incarceration?
Looks like “Big Government”, to me….
One of the much Lionised Founders, Madison(wrote the Constitution), said something about how the US shouldn’t go around “Looking for Monsters to Slay”….
Hypocrisy is so evident in the War Mongering Sector, I don’t really see a way to argue yerself out of it…
…so, they don’t even try.
One of my long-term favorites of Obtuse,Overbearing Government…if the whole “War on Drugs” isn’t “Big Government”, then what is???
Especially the War on Marijuana…where’s the Rational, Emperical!! Scientific Support for the Continuation…and Doubling Down…of these Policies?
Analytical Support?
Negative….under it’s own definitions and assumptions, the War is an abject Failure.
Yet we must continue to put all these otherwise law abiding American Citizens in Jail, abrogate our Constitutional Rights….and the Rights of States!!!(10th Amendment, Righties, surely you remember that one…).


It’s almost too easy.
Define, “Nanny State”, please.
So…we can ignore such treaties,etc as the Geneva Conventions, with legalese gymnastics(“enemy combatant”)…we can withdraw from others when it suits us(see: Bush “Administration”)…but when abrogating on our obligations would help People…end a Great Injustice…it’s No Can Do…Our hands are tied, you see.
The Right can get all worried about “Sovereignty” …Agenda 21, Chinese Ports,UN Troops coming to get us, UN as Antichrist, on and on and on….but they can countenance this.


2 words, “Tea Party”.
Where was all the AntiProtest Fervor during all those Rallies, where folks in Tricorns packed actual Heat…does this mean that Occupy, against it’s Principals,should start Arming itself?
It would be interesting to see how that went over.

Ummm… Nanny State….State’s Rights…imposing Religious Morals on American Citizens….

Supporting “Evidence” for continuation? “Christian Nation”, Pseudohistory. Hysteria. Hyperbole.
Same with the whole Gay Marriage “Issue”…Where’s the evidence?
Where’s the Reasoned Argument? The Rational Refutation of all the (Evidence Based) Claims for just getting out of the way?
Need we mention Divorce?

”It’s on Alternet”, is not an Argument.
All of these articles make specific arguments, backed up by Research.
They demand reciprocal consideration from their respective Opponents.
One more, about the Mendacious Idiot, who is likely to be “my” US Senator…(
This particular Thought Virus is in operation, right here, in Mason….despite the lack of even One(1) Muslim…and, as noted (and Linked) in the article, despite any empirical Fact to back it up.
I find that I must take a little break from all of this….lol…for the time being, I’m with Ten Bears…”I have said all I have to say.”

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