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Thursday, February 2, 2012





The first Wiki, up there, includes in the broadest definition of "Lobbying"

...Since I regularly bother "My" Representatives and other Gooberment Creatures.

This is certainly flattering, but...somehow...I feel less than effective. I have long thought of running something of a Poli/Sci experiment...where I would "lobby" a set of Congresscritters...before....and After making a large-ish "Contribution"....just to see if there would be any change in behaviour. Would that I had the extra cash...I think it would be , at the very least, entertaining

The narrower, more familiar definition is, sadly, out of my league. "Gucci Gulch" and K Street, and wherever else these lizards lay, are filled with folks with Serious well as what are tastefully referred to as "Connections". I was saddened that wiki didn't have that word as a link...for more information. What are "connections". exactly...and what are they worth, versus the piles of cash?

I am guessing, regardless, that I do not possess such "Connections". The Whores and Weasels that I usually irritate are specimens that I wouldn't vote for in a hundred years...and I refuse to keep my correspondents in the Dark on that score. Ergo, sycophancy is out. I am not connected to either money or Power...or the mob...or anyone, really. So Extortion is also out.(like there aint no extortion happening...)

It appears that I am stuck filling up the Congressional EMail Server...and when I'm really angry, the Capitol Switchboard(202-225-3121).

Use it , or Lose it. In theory, these folks are Your Employees...join me in giving them a piece of Our minds.

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