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Thursday, February 2, 2012

De Nile.

Oh, Look! More proof of the veracity(as in non"conspiracy theory",lol) of Peak Oil.


Add this to the growing list...National Geographic, Scientific American, Forbes, the Economist, the Atlantic.....

And yet..."My" Congress Critter, least his minions who deign to reply to such as me...think it's a bunch of hokum. (and that Corporations are "just People" why am I surprised?)

Drill , Baby, Drill!

...and when the last tree falls, Jesus will come.(an actual quote, from some Rethuglican, insanely put in charge of forestry issues..dont remember who...)

Of course, Mr Conaway has deep ties to Oil and Gas...he got his leg up in politics by being an accountant for the Bush Crime Family...Harken Oil...the Midland Mafia, et alia...

Sigh. I thought Incest was a bad thing....I guess that if it's merely figuratively incestuous, it's as American as Apple Pie.(hold the Carbaryl)

While Conaway seems like a nice enough guy, personally...I have much misgivings about his adherence to the Right Wing Gospel.

His support for an audit of the DOD is great...and I have said so...but the kneejerk reactionism of almost the entire rest of his voting record does not fill me with hope.

Last election, the Texas Democrats could only find a Right Wing Nutjob to run against Conaway... a nominal "Democrat" who was, in many ways, worse than the Incumbent. (the use of "State's Rights" and other unibrow code words,kinda gave him away,lol."grain alcohol and rainwater..." Ha!)

Conaway's district (21?) is one of the Hammer's gerrymandered Monstrosities...stretching from West Texas Oil Country all the way over what used to be in the district with Austin. Like many of the other Delay Creations, this is silly and counterintuitive....unless the goal is permanent Rethuglican Majority.

Anyhoo...I've sent Mr Conaway a link to an advocate of Methane Digesters...Poop=>"Natgas"...

I don't expect any acknowledgment, since e widepread replacement of septic tanks and sewer systems with such energy producing tech would negate the Hydraulic Despotism currently enjoyed by our Corporate Masters in the Energy Sector. Can't have the little people taking such matters into their own hands.

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