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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Oil spill as a symptom.
Five fucking pages of Oil Spill related coverage on a prominant Liberal web site.
A goodly number of them are about Avarice and Calumny, Greed and Corruption.
The Oil Industry, (Bad Petrolium (BP) stands at the front, today...but the entire Industry is just as Guilty.)...they are shamelessly attempting to manipulate the Public Perception of their Catastrophe....Hiring a mess of Temps for Obama's latest "Inspection Tour".
Openly Shopping for a favorable Judge to hear the numerous Lawsuits against them.
The CEO trying to run the media off the ruined shore....and the bastard Lying, Lying, Lying!!!
And what about the GOP (Whores and Weasels!), their Noise Machine, the Tea Party Brown Shirts,the Loud Fat Men, Hollering on the radio?
The Goddamn Drill, Baby, Drill; Deregulate Everything/Drown Government in a Frakking Bathtub- Crowd?
Well, that worked out about as well as the Deregulation of Wallstreet, and everything else!
Unmitigated Disaster!
It is a Testament to the effectiveness of their Machine, as well as an indictment of the Public Education they have despised and faught against, that so many otherwise ordinary folks still hang from their Back Bumper.
Depending on which poll you use, between 20 and 50 % of the Nation adheres to the Tomfoolery and Voodoo of the a Nation Founded, not on Superstition, but on Reason!
Surely, we are a Doomed Nation!
In every letter I've written regarding this Mess, I've included reference to Gas Methane Generation from Sewage, from Feedlots, from Landfills.
It is my Pet Energy (partial) Solution to our unnecessary dependance on OIL and GAS.
"Natural Gas" is a marketing term, dreamed up by Oil and Gas Companies to sell what comes out of the ass of every living thing.
they say it was needed, because "Consumers"(sigh.) were lilly livered about any mention, or mere thought, of bodily functions, and their byproducts.
The real reason for the verbal makeover was that Big Oil & Gas didn't want to compete with everything that Poops.
The 1000 septic tanks in my small county, as well as the Feedlots, the landfill and the city sewer sytem all generate Methane.Without any intervention by Humans.
All that is needed is to capture and clean (scrub) this byproduct of Life, and burn it.
The latter 3 (feedlots,etc) are repeatedly Fined by the EPA for "emitting" "Too Much" of this gas.
One can buy a city-sized digester domestically. Million or so bucks...but for a home, or neighborhood-scale digester....not here! You can get 'em in China, who is into this big time. Africa, yes...readily available.
To boot, a few years ago, while attempting to purchase such a system for my little farm, I found that the digesters sold in Tanzania for around $800...were manufactured in Georgia,USA....
But when I contacted that company, I was told that they "Couldn't sell one to me"...something about regulations.
The Right, at leats the ones I talk to about this, blame TreeHuggers for these Regulations.
I blame Big oil and Gas.
This technology actually renders what would be a potent Greenhouse Gas into a less potent form. Methane, into CO2. It takes the "Effluent" (Shit), and turns it into sterile in No Pathogens.
(My Shop/Smithy will be completed, soon...and I intend to build my own.Bull by the Horns, and all...)
My point is, There Are Alternatives(TAA, instead of TINA)...they are kept from us by greedy pigs, intent on the maintanance of Wealth and Power and Priviledge...
And it'll stay that way as long as a big potion of the American People continue to believe the BullShit and Hot Air from the Right.(Whom, now that it come to it, might be something of an energy source, themselves...)

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