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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Scattered Thoughts and interesting rocks.

(and the things to be found underneath)
I've been busy, of late.
Construction of the Funky Shack and Houston in a whirlwind, and pain and Back to School...
Here are some things that have jumped up and bit me:

It's just the first minute or so of this:

….but I think it's indicative of where many of the American People are at, these days.
While the Right Wing's Circus rolls on, predictably, it's on the purported Left of the Aisle where the real action is.
Hillary....the One...the flailing around....and a Socialist is drawing insanely huge crowds and pulling in insanely huge small donations.
It's instructive, too, that the Corporate Media...even the tiny little niche that is actually almost totally ignoring this groundswell of support for US, rather than ME.
We constantly hear from the DLC Sock Puppets that a vote for Bernie is a wasted vote.
That he cannot win...and that may be so.
But it ain't for lack of support.
He could fail to win due to the Machine, of which Hillary is a part.
The Electoral College is an unknown quantity....most Americans don't understand is in the hands of the respective Parties.
Then there's all the other, sneakier, apparatus...the voting machines, and even the staffing of the myriad precincts.
I've told the Democratic Party Operatives that I've come in contact with that we should allow Democracy to the Primary...and if not, we should change the name of the party to something other than “Democratic”.
But they would rather continue to disparage Liberalism and keep peddling their Third Way Neoliberalist-Lite.
The Left is fractious, by definition.
This is unfortunate, because there are very real threats out there...and I ain't talking about Mullahs in Caves.
Looky what I found in one of my wanderings:


Still a tiny minority:2 guys that I can identify...but one of them writes for World Net Daily.
They are against Rationalism(!?!) and the Enlightenment, as a whole.
They make an impassioned argument, rife with the usual Righty tactics of Gish Gallop, and Red Herring, and all the rest...but ultimately ending up—Purposefully!!!-- at Neofeudalism, and near Divine Right.

This, in addition to the other bunch I found(can't find the link(film at 11)), who advocate for Corporate Citizenship....not the usual meaning of that term, but a paradigm wherein employees actually become Citizens of Exxon, or Walmart, or whatever.
Scary Monsters move unobserved beneath the floorboards of the American Right.
Even Bernie isn't strange enough for me.

While I am all for the things on offer from our most Liberal Candidate for Prez in my lifetime:


I've taken a left turn, and drove right off the cliff.
Now I'm floating down the river:


Fascinating stuff.
They even have a Primer:

and look! There's more!
This, from the Guardian:


Hint: It's not what ya think,lol.

All these folks emerging from cracks in the pavement, dreaming up ways to move beyond the suicide pact of Neoliberal Pseudo-Capitalism.
Like a great big field of wildflowers(careful! Some of them are poisonous), there's revolutions afoot...several millions of them, by my count.

Meanwhile, the War on Nature continues apace, and our collective efforts to so poison the world that it becomes uninhabitable reach new levels of effectiveness seemingly every day.
Underground Building Technics will likely be a growth industry, once we figure out where the beach is going to be.

Doom, she said.

But remember, that we have no idea what around 80% of the Universe even is(Dark Matter and Dark Energy) and that we each carry around with us a “Dark Biome” of unidentified DNA and RNA(up to 50% of the things living in your gut is all but alien to science).
We're nowhere near as smart and well informed as we tend to think we are.
Dig this neat animation, up and down, of what we “know” about the Universe we inhabit:



That's it.
That's what I've managed to collect in the past month or so.
Scattered, I say.
When I haven't been occupied with labor and travel and more mundane things, I've been in a number of books:
Michel Montaigne,Lucretius,W.B. Yeats, nice little intro/overview of Political Philosophy,"Minerva's Owl", by one Jeffrey Abramson...and my usual forays galore into the web wilderness, looking at things...
Now, the first couple of "cold" fronts have arrived, and I am feeling it.
El Nino means many more to come for us.

Carry the Fire.

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