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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Research Frenzy: Nordic Model and Social Democracy

Now that Bernie Sanders has thrown his hat into the ring for President, perhaps it would be prudent to explore where he's coming from, regarding Economics/Social Policy....rather than scream “Socialism!!!” and throw things.
To that end, I've decided to take a sabbatical from Facebook and other Social Media, in order to study and think.
Regarding the current unrest in places like Baltimore and Ferguson, I find that I am too emotionally drained to continue that discussion. I'll leave that for others, at this time(Ben, Kevin,Pam), but will leave the term “Intersectionality” laying on the table as a somewhat decent word for where I'm at on all of that.(Solidansk!)
I'm also attempting to build our Funky Cabin in the Woods, and figure that between these two endeavors, engagement is just an added stressor that I can do without, at the moment.
With that in mind, I'm leaving a list of my (initial) sources.

For the adventurous, this book gives a detailed history of “Neoliberalism”, and where and how it diverged fro “Ordoliberalism” and the Nordic Model.
It is technical, but in a philosophical way, not a math way.

This Neoliberalism is where we, in America, are it or not...

next is the long list of articles and wiki pages and all manner of stuff I have collected that looks like may give a good overview of Social Democracy.
If you would like to engage cogently, sans hyperbole, on this subject, please take a look.
While I'm not particularly interested in what ...say...the Heritage Foundation has to say about Social Democracy, the Paul Harvey-esque “rest of the story” is important. Thus, the Economist is included(not generally regarded as a Pinko publication).

a couple of PDF's from the first of the list, which I do not know how to link to:

Note # 15 Torben M. Andersen, Bengt Holmström, Seppo Honkapohja, Sixten Korkman, Hans Tson Söderström, Juhana Vartiainen. The Nordic Model - Embracing globalization and sharing risks

Note #4 "The surprising ingredients of Swedish success - free markets and social cohesion" (PDF). Institute of Economic Affairs. June 25, 2013. (this appears to be from a Free Market Think Tank, as it uses their phrasing(ie:”Big Government”) I have included it for balance)

All of that is where I'm making a start.
I expect that over the next year and a half we'll be hearing a lot about this, due to Bernie and Liz Warren having a bully pulpit.
I also expect a large incoherent roar from the various camps of Free Market Fundamentalism, which will largely be Fact Free...but, we have plenty of Recent Experiments in Randian Dog Eat Dog Piss on my Head “capitalism” to look at...Kansas comes to mind, of course...but now we can add Michigan, Wisconsin(which can be compared to Minnesota, which is helpfully right next door).
We also have Texas, of course, and now we can add Louisiana under Jindal, and Florida under that skeletor penis-head guy...
The point is, we've run the experiments in Piss on My Head, “Corporations are People, my friend” Economics.
If that Model is to be used to counter the above list in any future discussion/debate, we must be willing to look at the Frelling Results of all that experimentation....honestly...and sans hyperbole and hysteria.
We have had, in the USA, a Cartoon of Capitalism, set against a Cartoon of (variously) Socialism/Communism/Marxism.
Things are more complex that all of that, and it is high time that We, the People, eschew the Cartoon Mythology and attempt to get at the roots of all of this, with facts and objectivity. The Right in this country tend to throw a bunch of mud, innuendo and ad hominem at this debate....because they (I allege) cannot compete on the field of ideas, without such subterfuge.
I am weary of giving in to their nonsensical ideas and bullying approach to “debate”.
So I guess I'm throwing a glove at everybody I know on-line,lol.
I'm off to build my cabin, and immerse myself in research.
I'll not limit myself to only those listed sources...they are a starting point...but I'll attempt to link/list whatever else emerges.
So if you want to talk about this rather large topic, get thee to a quiet spot....marshal your sources, and gird for battle(of wits).
I'll be back in a month....maybe two..., armed with Knowledge, and dangerous with Insight.


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