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Thursday, March 5, 2015

God is Pro-Dope


I guess there's money to be made,lol.
The tribtalk comments are full of folks who would let the Perfect be the Enemy of the Good.
“Oh, he quoted the Bible, so we must oppose him!”
“He's a Teabilly nutter, so ...”
Rep. Simpson is actually proposing to NOT Regulate Weed...”regulate it like we regulate tomatoes and jalapenos...”.
That he justifies total legalisation with a bunch of God-speak is just fine, with me.
I commend him for his courage in even proposing Texas, it takes balls to come out as Pro-Dope.
Of course, as the Dallas paper says, it's unlikely that this will go anywhere...too many old fogeys in the Base who still believe the whole Reefer Madness BS...but the tide does appear to be turning, even in Texas.

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