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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Cops and Empire

As above, so below.
What the US Government does abroad, the Criminal “justice system” does at home.
The one alienates, frustrates and angers People in far flung backwards countries; the other alienates, frustrates and angers People in (some) American Neighborhoods.
And then when those People, here and there, have had enough, and strike out in anger...we are shocked.
In both cases, the highest Sin in America, is putting one's own privileged white ass in the other guy's shoes. After 9-11, it was a sure way to get beat up, at worst...screamed at, at ask,” why do they hate us so?--what could We have done to so piss those folks off?”
Now, after Ferguson, We are vilified for attempting to get our loud and hostile countrymen to walk a mile in Black, Brown and Poor Folks shoes in regards to the Cops.
The “Terrists” we are supposedly fighting over there, somehow deserve do the People killed and maimed and beaten by Law Enforcement; No matter the Evidence...or lack thereof.
To question these Holy examine a bridge too far for our frothing brethren, so insane in their denial, and so fragile in their fearfulness.
Because it takes courage to call out one's own country for bad...even evil...behaviour, done in Our own name.
It takes courage to call out one's employees when they do wrong...especially when those employees are habituated to getting away with everything, and shameless in their counter recriminations.(“how dare they protest!”--”how dare they release a report!”)
It takes courage to look at one's own country and acknowledge it's...our...shortcomings and failures and fuck-ups.
It takes very little courage to scream at those who have the stones to be so honest.
Last I looked, less than 30% of Us who could vote...did.
...and the Right Wing's terrified terrorists “won”.
They think they have a “mandate”...and are behaving as if they do on TV:
Justifying the most heinous acts by Our employees, both abroad and at home.
Screaming, as they are wont to do, that “we are awesome”...when the evidence, quivering and shit-stained on the floor, is that we are, instead, the Evil Empire, now.
I reject, categorically, the worldview that rests on “my country right or wrong” and “love it or leave it”.
That is a dishonest worldview, founded on fear, and fit only for cowardly men.
At the moment, and so far, there is little evidence that “We are better than that”.
But We could be.

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