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Friday, March 7, 2014

Issa Same Old Shit.

So Darryl(sp-2) the Unpleasant is acting out again...this time, turning off Rep. Cummings' mike in a hearing, and cutting off any testimony that would appear to dissent from the Teabilly Tale of Obama-as-Kenyan-Dictator.
To be fair, Dems have done something at least resembling this, too...although, in the first instance, it was in response to an early example of the Obstructionism that the Goptea has now perfected. They(GOP) were mad that they 1. didn't have enough votes to keep the House in Session, and 2. that none of the Dems wanted to hear any more of the same, repeated endlessly.(
Sorry, that's not what is happening, here.
Here, Issa simply doesn't want a fair hearing...which is sort of his Brand, these days.
I'm reminded of a hearing on the Patriot Act, in 05, where Sensenbrenner turned off the lights.(
Just like today,Dems weren't being dick-heads...they weren't trying to hijack the proceedings.
They just wanted a fair hearing.
The Dem and Repug examples of this behaviour are not Equal.
Issa should be reprimanded.
This is just more of the same nonsense...a “dispute”, between those who think of government as a Necessary Evil, and those who think it's just Evil.(at least those portions of it that they don't like,lol. I've seen no Goptea People calling for an end to the Pentagon, for instance...or to Federal Subsidies for Big Oil.)
That's something I'd like to have a Public Debate about.
(How utterly sad, that we must define such terms,lol)
Perhaps a Lincoln-Douglas Style Debate...with ball gags for “some people” who cannot refrain from outbursts during their opponent's time at bat?
(Such Outburst and Interruption are a key and defing feature of the O'Reilly/Hannity Style of Debate. Liberals who dare to appear on those shows should remember to bring water guns to shut the host up, for a moment.)

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