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Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Little Light Reading…

A Book Budget.
After all this time, I’m ecstatic when the mail comes.
Giddy, even.
I’m halfway into the Dharma Bums…my Dad’s favorite Kerouac…which I haven’t read since Highschool, when I picked it up from his bedside table…
It’s what led me, like a rock rolling, to On the Road, and my Wild Years.
And the rest of the Beat Catalog…and, then, to the almost predictable, Identification with them.

Simultaneously, I’m a ¼ into “Where the Wasteland Ends”…it’s been on the List for a long while…
Seems like a sort of Counterenlightenment Manifesto for the Post Modern Age…. fits in with Howl!, in this way(the big red book of Ginsberg has yet to arrive).
I’m reminded of Rosenstock-Heussey, “Out of Revolution”…and his Critique of Cartesian Duality…rather the Universalism with which we employ it.
Romanticism, as a Critique of the failings of the Enlightenment…which are Legion, and almost totally unregarded in our usual, kneejerk Reactionism….
Universalism in Enlightenment Thought went overboard, in it’s self-regard, and produced the Nazis and Stalin…and our own Universal State.

In a similar, if more Dense, vein…Gilles Deleuze, “Anti Oedipus”…
I’m only 5-6 chapters in…but it’s remarkable!
Above mentioned tendency toward Fascism is inherent in Us all….and the antidote, as in Nietzsche(!) …is to Feel…as well as Think.
 More Enlightenment! (Habermas)….in answer to the Habits that the Enlightenment inherited from Ancien Regime.
All of these guys, Uncle Jack included, are indicating the same thing.
Universalised Reason, to the exclusion of all other considerations, is as bad as Divine Right…
Pure Reason leads to Pure Efficiency, which leads us to the Hell World being constructed all around us, today.( Iron Law of Oligarchy)
Leaving no room for the Mystic…the Ecstatic…the Meaningful.
Film at eleven…

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