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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Age of Release

Winter. Rainy and cold, yesterday…now it’s sunny….and colder. I cannot get warm…the cold has entered my bones. I feel as if I’m stacked wrong.
I’m Painful…Exhausted(I don’t sleep)….and Terminally Bored.

I’m thinking about Cold Frames…intending to construct a few at the earliest opportunity…weather and bones, permitting.

I feel a great Urgency to do this, and many other things…

This is not the run of the mill 2012-ism…that’s just one of myriad threads that make up this cloth…

The Framework I’ve been working on…of which this little Blog is like gliding on cloudtops…has turned out to be more accurate than the Conventional Wisdom Version….

Came across a less Drunken Poet Exposition of what I’ve been trying to point to…(

Interesting site…I agree, totally.

I’ve been re-reading Eisler’s “Chalice and Blade”…it’s the current Truck Book(kept in the truck for when I have to wait)…the Dominator/Cooperator Dichotomy is one of the foundations of the Framework…beyond L/R, D/R, Lib/Con…even beyond the idea of Progressive vs. Regressive….these are all too Simplistic…and too prone to manipulation…that Colonization of Memes….

The Fight is between the Dominator Paradigm, that has dominated for 4-7 thousand years, and has culminated in Us….and the Cooperator Paradigm that has been subdued, raped and pressed into slavery.

We’re all Indians, now…(R. Means?)

Clif High, I notice, is being more forthright than ever…and so much less cryptic…this, in itself, says volumes.

The End of the Dominator Paradigm, this March, according to Clif’s Spiders…seen in “Modelspace” as an end to Tension Building Language….and then Release Language stretching out for as far as Modelspace will go…

The Violent Parasitical Elite require Tension Building, in order to keep Us asleep and docile. I look around, and note that there seems to be a lot of Waking Up going on….must be very worrisome for the Machine.

The God, after Millennia of escaping his ordained Fate,… to be Sacrificed, so that the World can be Reborn…is caught in his own web…Goddess strikes the match…without Malice, but because it must be so.

There is a Unitive Thread to Things…I see it in Star Wars, in LOTR, in the Mythology of the world, and in the Mundane Political Philosophies, that seem to come and go….

Arthurian Romance , the demonisation of All Things Liberal…

…and now, at the End, the Machine is attempting to Fence Everything in to it’s Paradigm, it’s System of Belief…Too many have escaped…

Machine will destroy itself.

It reached too far, and the bough is breaking.

Perpetual Growth, on a Finite World…it’s telling that so many are surprised…and remain in Denial.

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