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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Galveston, for a week…

…with my mom, my brother, and his brood, and my bunch.

Beach-house, not 200 feet from the surf.

Fish! Elijah caught a 4# Redfish, Brother, some rather large Specs…me, a mess of smaller fish.

Saw a Shark, on the grass flats in the Bay…Bay was too hot for fish…all the action was in the surf.Top and bottom, live and dead bait.

Me and wife walked/hobbled to the beach at 10 one night, and the water’s edge had gone! Extremely low tide…new moon, I surmise. Bait flopping around everywhere, and a few fat, unpleasant people catching crabs and such.

Next night, a less spectacular low tide, but me and Kurt and Eli caught mullet in a cast net…the unpleasant ones were, apparently, unable to arise from the couch, that night.

Moody Gardens, the Aquarium, while neat, as all such things are, was entirely overpriced…my 5 year old was an “adult”, under the pricing scheme,…and there were very few places for a cripple, or one of the myriad old folks , to sit….except for the many benches out in the sun, in 99 degree, 90% humidity. They did let me borrow a wheelchair(ugh!). Smokers are required to Broil, as well.

Ghost Tour, on the Strand was cool as hell, and well worth the cost…

The Bolivar Ferry was free, as ever, and neat…the boys really dug it. Captain floored it, and the breeze was much welcomed.

There are Democrats…and Hippies…in abundance on the Island.

I did not expect this.

There’s even a Democratic Club…that meets regularly! In Public!...they even advertise!

If I had the wherewithal, I’d consider emigration…felt like a chunk of South Austin washed up on the beach.

Legs, to varying degrees, hurt the whole time(house had a ramp, tho it was pretty steep)…but I muddled through.

On the last morning, I managed to limp down to the water’s edge, at 4;30 am, and go skinny-dipping. My hip cut it short…but it was cool, nonetheless.

Back in the Broiler of Mason, now.106. 8% humidity.

Reading the local paper, Tea People on the front page, having a meeting about Sharia Law, etc.


Add another entry to the very short list of possible places to be a refugee, of sorts…if money falls from heaven.

Politics plays no small role in this…for once, I felt no undue scrutiny, from Cops, or anyone else…my hair was wilder than usual, too…salt/wind/sun…

How refreshing.

I can envision a shack on a ziggurat, somewhat inland…coupled with a school bus on the beach, or at an rv park, near the beach. Fishing can be super cheap, if one applies oneself….

It rains there.

Only drawbacks are hurricanes(hence, a ziggurat) and ordinances(since we’re not yet god’s, but cumbersome, all the same) and economic considerations(everything’s expensive).

There are workarounds, however….I could make more $$$ jerking around on the guitar, on a streetcorner(protected, 1st amendment activity(see wiki;”Busking”), than I can possibly make in Mason. Gardening has actual potential,(it rains, sometimes!) if one can undercut the competition(which, at first glance, seems simple)…I could charge more for a tomato than I do here, and still be competitive,,,and there’s at least 2 “farmer’s markets”…all manner of opportunity for entrepreneurship… I observed that there is a shortage of folks willing to mow, for instance..or paint houses…prolly the weather, and homeowners tiring of the all too soon necessity…

This is my first, real (nonworking) Vacation since I was a kid.

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