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Saturday, July 9, 2011


First, let me get the caveats and disclaimers out of the way…I am wholly against anything resembling the practice, known in Protestantism as “Witnessing”, or more generally, as “Proselytizing”. I find the forcing of one’s beliefs and prejudices on another to be abhorrent, and not conducive to civil society, nor progress, in general.

That said, as a lifelong student of Comparative Mythology, I have identified a number of interesting places to visit (all within 100 miles of me) that relate to this study.

There is a large Hindu Temple, just outside of Austin ….

A Greek Orthodox Church, right downtown, …a Zen Buddhist Retreat…and , of course, the Fire and Brimstone Street Preachers are always a Hoot.

In San Antonio, there is a Large Synogogue … also the Missions…and I’ve heard tell of a Trappist Monestary, as well as a Cistercian, hereabouts…

Things I’ll hafta look for; something Islam, something Unitarian, something Quaker…perhaps some examples of Mysticism, from the various quarters, ie. Kabbalah, Sufi (especially the Rumi Variety),….I have fond memories of a loud, Jumpin’ African-American Baptist Church…actually several…in East Texas…in the one I lived next door to, the Preacher played Bass..organ, choir…the place really Rocked!

I’ve read all the Holy Books…at least cursorily. It would be interesting to visit these places, see how it’s applied…art music, etc…

I’d probably feel better getting advance permission from these folks, before just showing up…for one, I’d rather not be “Witnessed”…I ain’t gonna be converted…

For another, I reckon it would be just polite to advise these folks of my intentions…and my non-threatening nature.

As I’ve said, I’m happy as a lark with my own, private, non-dogmatic approach to/ dealings with…the Divine…I’m just curious , and interested in, the various approaches to the apprehension of Reality.

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