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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Modern Myth

Secular MythMaking

Applied Mythology.

Twist our Minds


Dark Secular Magicians…plotting.

The Long Game.

Whereby the Creatures become more Real

Than the Creators…forgotten,

The Act of Creation.

Money, as Fetish…Holy Cracker, laced with Mind-Poison.

We eat it up, beg for more..

Prostrate before the Magicians..


Sour Wine of Belief,

Contrary to our interests.

We drink

Drown in the Magicians’ proffered cup.


Of our Power.

Hallucinations of the Ordinary,

As Millionaire.

Grovel at their feet,

Those Dark Magicians…

Our Time will come…

Surely, our time will come.

Kill our Allies…

Forsake our friends.

Sidle up to the Magicians’ feet…

Kiss the Ring.

Commodified Soul.

Everything must go!

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