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Friday, May 29, 2009

GM (Goliath Motors) and the Small Stone of Reality

GM (Giant Motors), and the Stone of Realty

So the Big 3 in Detroit are on the edge of Bankruptcy...and the Right is crying about Socialism....and the Evils of Unions and "Legacy Costs".
For almost 100 years, the Big 3 have been active in stamping down competition, alternative fuels and public transportation.
They have been at the forefront, the pinnacle , of the idea of "Too Big To Fail" and it's correllary, "Corporate Socialism".
During various periods, when the Right got caught out going too far, they were forced to give ground to the workers...the origens of these "Legacy Costs".
This is code for Health Care and Pensions.
One would think, that once they made a deal, a binding agreement with the Unions/workers, that they would do everything in their power to make those systems efficient and cost effective.
The Big 3 did just the opposite.
Turns out, even after 100+ years of Anti Marxism, Red Baiting Propaganda, that the Corporate World long ago developed Class Conciousness".
It seems that the Bosses looked at Big Pharma, Big Insurance, HMO's and all the other advocates of a For Profit Healthcare System, and saw Fellow Travellers.
Instead of looking at their obligations and saying, "Hmmm...perhaps since we are now obligated to pay for Healthcare...a For Profit System is not something that will be good for us in the long run."....
They saw the other tentacles of the Machine and saw "folks" like themselves.
And decided to stick with them, and the Ideology that bound them....namely "Free Market Fundamentalism" and "Reaganomics", "Trickle Down" and 'VooDoo".
Problem is, that the fundamental flaws and fallacies of this Ideology are now popping up everywhere.
Reality is intruding into their Sytem.
Turns out that Marxists have been right about some things.
All those Bad Liberals have been right.
Now, we hear moaning from the Right about Socialism...GM is "Too Big To Fail", on one hand.
On the other, turns out that Big Government is the Lender of Last Resort.
To keep GM from failing, and taking the rest of the economy with them, Government has to step in with $$$...and rightly take a controlling interest in the running of the company...including firing CEO's.(the Horror...)
After all, if you put up cash, even that printed by yourself, to buy a "controlling interest" in a given company, would you not expect to thereby exert some control?
The Right is tied in knots trying to reconcile these Dichotomies.
Single Payer Health would ameliorate the Legacy Costs.
If it's So Big It Can't Fail, and the Gooberment takes "Control", the Gooberment is in control.
If another arm of the Machine, the Banks, Brokers,and other Weasels of Wall Street, had not been given Cart Blanche in instituting Ponzi Schemes with Pension Funds, perhaps the costs involved in maintaining those funds would be more manageable.

This issue, of the Big 3, is being looked at...even by what passes for the "Left" in this country....looked at in a narrow, piecemeal fashion.
If one steps back, and looks at the Whole, it's all of a piece.
It is yet another failure of the Free Market Fundamentalists of the Reagan Revolution...
The Right have Revolved themselves into a hole...and expect us, the people, to bail them out...but with no oversight, and no ultimate penalties for those whose Ideology and shortsightedness and Greed engineered this fiasco in the first place.

Perhaps we should unBan Marx.

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